Innovation Beyond Taste: The Functional Potential of Distillates

Flavor additives produced using distillation – distillates – yield a liquid ingredient offering a resultant profile that is more complex and concentrated than, but still as pure and natural as, the source product. Used for centuries, distillation applies heat and other processes, separating but not changing any of the source components.
The process of distillation yields pure, isolated flavor compounds that facilitate consistency and increased customization opportunities. This benefit is thanks to greater efficiency and simplicity in application, including easier potency and taste profile prediction than other flavor ingredient types.
Distillates allow makers to develop unique beverage and food formulations precisely. They are perfect for beverages as they blend well with water-based mixtures. The process tends to concentrate some flavors and remove others, so it can moderate bitterness and modify sweetness, for example.
They are also colorless and contain no alcohol or any other organic solvents. Pure, distilled water, for example, frequently forms the foundation of numerous beverage products and food processing.
Distillates are highly versatile. Beyond their advantages in beverage manufacturing, they are also ideal for frozen products and desserts, as their concentration level supports easier large-batch frozen item creation. These naturally flavored and efficient ingredients are also used in sweet and savory sauces and other applications in the food and beverage service arena.
Distillates exclude impurities, are water soluble, and facilitate precision flavor development. They also provide a strong flavor, allowing manufacturers a cost-effective solution as only a little concentrate is needed for a robust taste profile.
The extract also has no impact on food texture. In other words, while incorporating raw source material into a formula changes its moisture content and texture, distilled flavorings add flavor without altering chemical makeup.
How Does Distillation Work?
Distillation is typically achieved through boiling, steaming, or dry distillation (heating), followed by vapor concentration to separate vital products from component substances. The process doesn’t yield a chemical reaction, thereby preserving the essence of the source material.
It works by leveraging relative volatility or evaporation rate differences in the target constituents in the distilled mixture. Although relatively time-consuming, distillation is considered a safe process, allowing a lower focus on security in manufacturing.
Distillation also encompasses fractional distillation in fuel and livestock feed production, crude oil stabilization, desalination, alcohol production, chemical synthesis, and cryogenic air separation in industrial gases.
Beyond a distinct and sharpened flavor, distillation can help put products ahead by providing more of a multi-sensory experience. How? By helping to provide the right color and aroma sensation. Distillates can yield a crystal-clear appearance or give a clean and neutral base for the most appetizing natural color and odor to heighten the appeal.
For optimized potency, distillates should be produced using pure and natural plant-based source materials extracted using state-of-the-art, efficient, and eco-friendly technology and techniques. Find ingredient excellence from Advanced Biotech.
Rely on Advanced Biotech for High-Quality, Functional Distillates
We are a leading-edge supplier of 100% natural, plant-based, and often organic distillates carefully derived from premium, often organic vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts. Our extensive collection includes delicately floral honey, banana, nutty-flavored bioactive hemp, sweetly bitter almond, cocoa, dark roasted espresso, and molasses extracts. These in-demand ingredients are used in energy drinks, iced coffees, baked goods and desserts, skin care and cosmetic preparations, and more.
Distillates offer convenience, ease, and simplicity in achieving superior consistency, longevity, versatility, and increased flavor control and intensity. Please contact Advanced Biotech today to sample or order distillates or explore your custom extract needs.