Innovative Categories for Functional Beverages

As the functional beverage market continues to grow worldwide, consumers are beginning to embrace more niche drinks with innovative flavors and functional offerings. Brands looking to differentiate their products can tap into unique and unexplored flavors with sought after health benefits to attract consumers. Join us as we at Advanced Biotech take a look at some of the innovative functional categories and flavors that are sure to create new opportunities in the market.



            Functional waters are a new trend in the functional beverage category, and are popular for the provide benefits they beyond hydration, such as added protein, fiber, and holistic health benefits.  These products are designed for consumers interested in transparency and clean labelling as well as consistently and conveniently improving their health through natural means. These beverages are also often marketed as premium – a healthier alternative to soft drinks and sugary energy drinks. Digestive claims are popular among this category of functional drinks, as kefir water is a newly emerged product that is gaining much traction among consumers. Immunity, skin and hair, and brain function benefits are also popular claims for functional waters. Water containing added fiber to aid in digestive health are also becoming popular. Peach, watermelon, lemon, coconut, and pomegranate are popular flavors in this category as they are both familiar but interesting to consumers.


Smoothies and Juices

                Often associated with health and wellness, smoothies and juices are also experiencing a boost in functional ingredients and health benefits. New trends in this category suggest the addition of immune supporting ingredients can drive growth, with recent launches including immune-defense smoothies and juice shots featuring natural ingredients like ginger, acai, and acerola. Untraditionally sourced juiced are also trending among consumers, with juices from vegetables like beets, cucumbers, and carrots becoming popular choices and are often associated with detox benefits. Added ingredients like honey and cayenne add to these claims while additions like chia and flax seeds add healthy fibers. Popular flavors for RTD smoothies and juices include mango, berry, banana, and pineapple.


The market for functional and delicious drinks featuring natural flavors is on the rise as many consumers are looking to boost their health holistically and easily. New innovations in category and flavor will differentiate brands and boost their overall probability.