chocolate flavors

Innovative Chocolate Flavors For a Growing Market

Consumers more than ever are desiring to try new things and the chocolate industry has taken note. Because of the growing market of buyers for chocolate products, there is also more demand for new and improved flavors. But what is it that people are really looking for?


The  demand for flavor inclusion has always dominated plain chocolate. Craft chocolate makers are recognizing this and while flavors such as sea salt and salted caramel continue to be popular, flavors such as turmeric, ginger and chili are driving innovation in the indulgent world of chocolate. Flavorists are getting creative with flavor inclusions and consumers aren’t shunning the idea of adventurous snacking. A flavor ingredient such as passionfruit and lime salt, which can be provided through an ingredient such as Advanced Biotech’s natural Passionfruit Mercaptan and Lime Extract, can create a fun and exciting flavor.


Savory notes aren’t going anywhere this year and they are likely to be paired with globally-inspired exotic flavors. A mild cheesy flavor, available through 5,6,7,8 Tetrahydroquinoxaline, can be coupled with dark chocolate and milk chocolate for consumers who like novelty flavors.  Flavor ingredients such as natural honey reaction can also act as an alternative sweetener that adds depth of flavor and complexity. Additionally, nutty flavors such as natural Gamma Hexalactone from Advanced Biotech’s Natural Aromatics line can be a great way to add a nutty flavor for the ever-growing vegan market, and can be especially great when combined with creamy notes and ingredients.


The growing craft beer market has yielded citrusy IPAs and smoky stouts that complement chocolates in a way unimaginable. From soaking cacao nibs in beer to aging them in bourbon barrels the But of course, that’s only scratching the surface – there are plenty of great ways to create innovative chocolate treats..