Natural Ingredients to Defeat Heat Fatigue

While the summer sun is nourishing to both the body and soul, giving us a much needed boost of vitamin D after a long winter, it can also be unforgiving. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures and UV rays can not only cause skin irritation and sunburn, but also heat exhaustion and even heat stroke. While the best way to prevent these issues is to reduce the amount of time we spend in direct sunlight and wear protective clothing, there are thankfully natural cures available for when they do occur. Today, we at Advanced Biotech are taking a look at holistic cures to common sun-related issues like exhaustion and heat stroke.



                While it sounds unconventional and even unpleasant, onion juice is one of the most well-known remedies for heat stroke and is often recommended by holistic practitioners. Applying onion juice to the chest, soles of the feet, or behind the ears is thought to lower body temperature as it absorbed excess heat. Onion paste is also an option and can be made by roasting onion and blending it with honey. Ingesting raw onions in sauces and salads on a regular basis is also thought to help regulate the body’s internal temperature and prevent heat stroke.



                Coconut water is often known as “nature’s sports drink” and is naturally hydrating and refreshing. Young coconut water is especially high in electrolytes and is good for both preventing heat stroke by increasing hydration and maintaining a healthy body temperature. It is also said that when blended with buttermilk, coconut’s restorative properties are enhanced as buttermilk is a good source of probiotics and helps in replenishing your body with essential vitamins and minerals that may be lost due to excessive sweating.



                Extracting the juice of cilantro and drinking it iced with a pinch of sugar is a simple home remedy to bring down the body heat. Mint can also be added to this holistic beverage, enhancing its cooling effect on the body. This juice can also be applied to hot, itchy skin irritated by the sun and is also sometimes used to even treat hot flashed brought upon by menopause. Fresh cilantro can also be eaten on a regular basis to regulate the body’s temperature and tastes great in salsas and salads.


While sun stroke and heat exhaustion are real issues and should be avoided whenever possible, there are holistic, natural solutions that are often already in your kitchen.