New Trends in Frozen Treats

Although consumers love to indulge in frozen treat all year long, July is official National Ice Cream Month. With about 1.4 billion gallons of ice cream produced a year, it’s safe to say that ice cream is one of the most loved desserts in the US. In celebration of this ever-popular industry, we at Advanced Biotech are taking a look at some of the new trends that are keeping everyone’s favorite frozen treats fresh and interesting.



                Following the popular consumer health and wellness trend, many brands are looking for creative ways to infuse their products with functional health claims. Unlike the low-fat, sugar free ice creams of the past, the protein rich ice creams of today often feature high-quality ingredients, clean-label claims, and are in indulgent flavors extending far beyond basic vanilla and chocolate. Salted caramel, birthday cake, and chocolate banana are just a few of our favorite flavor picks that boast high levels of protein. The surge of competition in entering the high-protein ice cream category demonstrates that this is not a fad but an evolution in the health and wellness market that many companies want to be a part of.



                Dairy free and plant-based products continue to be popular among consumers in nearly every category and ice cream is no exception. Frozen treats catering to those with lactose intolerance or special dietary needs are experiencing a substantial surge in popularity as consumers are overjoyed to finally have their needs met with innovative products in a variety of flavors. Ice cream, gelato, and other frozen treats featuring nut milks like almond and cashew, coconut milk, and even oat milk are flying off retail shelves and are causing even well-established brands to consider cutting out dairy. Sophisticated flavors like earl gray tea, passion fruit, matcha green tea, and honeycomb are popular flavors within this category.



                Internally-inspired frozen treats are finally becoming mainstream as ice cream variants such as gelato and kulfi are making their way into scoop shops and retailers.  Although trends show increased sentiment towards healthy choices, consumers do enjoy to indulge and gelato’s high fat content perfect addresses that need. Its thick, rich texture paired with traditional Italian flavors like pistachio and stracciatella are both familiar yet exotic choices. Kulfi is a popular Indian ice cream dessert made with milk, sugar, nuts, and cardamom a boasts a warming, spicy flavor profile and indulgent texture. Products featuring South American sweet and spicy flavor combos like mango and tajin are also rising in popularity.