New Trends in Herbal Tea

Herbal tea has greatly increased in popularity within the past few years, due largely to growing consumer interest in wellness and products with added health benefits. Naturally sugar and calorie free, herbal tea offers a wide variety of flavors that appeal to many different types of consumers. Today, we’re taking a look at new trends in herbal tea and the flavors consumers can keep an eye out for.




                For thousands of years people have used a variety of herbs for their natural medicinal properties. Botanic herbs combined with tea has given rise to what is known as wellness teas. Ideal for those with busy schedules, wellness teas work to provide both mental and physical relief. Herbs like turmeric, dandelion root, raspberry leaf, sage, and moringa are all popular varieties of herbal tea that treat everything from insomnia to indigestion. Adaptogens are special herbs and spices that have also joined the wellness tea trend, with special blends containing reishi mushroom, ashwagandha, and masa root aiding consumers with much needed stress-relief.




                One of the most prominent tea trends of recent times, dessert teas are ideal for consumers looking to indulge their sweet tooth without breaking their New Year’s diets. Dessert teas utilize natural botanics and flavors to replicate popular dessert flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and even more complex fare such as tiramisu and red velvet cupcakes. A popular choice in cafes across the globe as well as in the pantries of wellness-minded consumers, dessert teas work as an excellent replacement for those with high blood sugar, diabetes, or who are simply looking to stay on track while still enjoying sweets. Herbs like cinnamon and ginger are blended with notes of citrus, chocolate, and fruit to create these zero-guilt treats.




                In a time where trends are often dictated by social media and influencers, teas are also experiencing an “Insta-worthy” update. Brightly colored teas like pink strawberry blends, vibrant butterfly pea flower, and color changing brews are flooding feeds and driving sales. Innovations in brewing such as nitro tea, similar to nitro coffee in its creamy texture without added cream or sugar, and cold brew teas, which are loved for their mellow flavor, are popping up across cafes. Renewed consumer interest in this versatile and healthy beverage will continue to drive innovation for years to come.