New Trends in Natural Deodorants

As consumers become more aware of the ingredients in everyday products, the general sentiment is shifting greatly towards natural deodorants. Free of harmful, processed components like aluminum, health-conscious buyers are looking for updated deodorants that are both effective and made from wholesome ingredients they can pronounce. Today we at Advanced Biotech are taking a look at some of the trends that are shaping this quickly growing market segment and what we can expect as this category continues to expand.



                Probiotics are a popular natural component that are finding their way into everything from food and beverage products to skincare and cosmetics. Foregoing synthetic ingredients that may irritate sensitive skin or disrupt the natural balance of the body, probiotics work by outnumbering the bad bacteria that cause odor with good bacteria.  This strategy is becoming popular among natural deodorant brands, as it works to fight odor while also preserving the skin’s sensitive equilibrium. Good bacteria, essential oils, and natural odor absorbers are an organically powerful mix that rids the body of odor, while keeping the underarm microflora in a positive state. Consumers who gravitate towards functional claims will also find interest in probiotic formulas, creating an even greater marketing within the health and wellness category.



                Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has been a popular ingredient in skincare and cosmetics for the past few years and is finally making its way into deodorant. Many natural deodorant brands are finding inspiration in this natural substance as it is packed with antibacterial properties. CBD neutralizes unpleasant armpit smells caused by bacteria and has many other positive health benefits such as pain relieving and calming effects. Despite the unpleasant smell associated cannabis, CBD deodorants utilize natural cannabis terpenes and essential oils to give an appealing, mild aroma.


Essential Oils

                Rather than artificial fragrances or perfumes, brands are harnessing the power of essential oils. Essential oils are natural substances that both help to mask body odor while also offering benefits for the skin. Scents like lavender, peppermint, and tea tree have both anti-bacterial properties that aid in odor control while also promoting calmness, pain-relief, and other useful benefits. Other popular scents include sweet smells like vanilla and rose as well as herbaceous scents like rosemary and basil.


Those consumers concerned with health claims and natural ingredients will begin to gravitate towards this new segment of deodorants.  Functional, wholesome ingredients free of synthetic components will continue to dominate this category and brands will continue to innovate with new, natural ingredients and more benefits to promote overall wellness.