Our Favorite Summer Seafood Flavors

Seafood is great year-round, but of course one of the best times to enjoy seafood flavors is during the summer. There are many different ways to enjoy seafood, whether it’s in bisque, on the grill, or steamed in the oven. Not only that, but there are countless ways of flavoring these delicious meats, with more being developed all the time.


Anybody who loves seafood will be sure to enjoy the new flavors being rolled out for the coming summer season. Whether they’re fans of lobster, salmon, tuna, or any of the other great seafood flavors on the market, there are many ways for buyers to enjoy their favorite dishes.


With the growing trend toward ethnic cuisine, it’s no surprise that one of the biggest trends for the coming year makes use of the popularity of Latin flavor. While most people think of Mexican food in the US as being primarily composed of beef and pork dishes, seafood is quite prominent in Mexican cuisine. As such, pepper flavors, cilantro, lemon and lime (which can be provided through Advanced Biotech’s Natural Citronellal and Natural Citrus Enhancer), and other fresh and zesty ingredients are expected to feature heavily in seafood dishes this summer.


Of course, the cultural flavor trend also means that creative flavorists can find inspiration virtually everywhere. From Cajun spices (which are already perfect for many types of seafood) to the sweet and savory flavors of tropical cuisine, there are many different ways to create sauces, marinades, and various types of seasonings for any kind of seafood that one could think of.


No matter what the product is for – grocery store shelves, supermarket freezers, or even for restaurants – summer is all about making use of some of more unusual and exotic flavors in seafood creation.