Peanut Butter Flavors

Peanut butter used to be pretty simple. In fact, this delicious and nutritious spread has been popular in America for many generations for the simple fact that it’s tasty, it’s versatile, and it’s relatively affordable. However, the simplicity of peanut butter has been turned on its head in recent years, as more and more seek out ways to incorporate this delicious product to create something new and exciting.


Buyers can already find a ton of options, even at their local grocery store. From peanut butter and chocolate mixes, which may utilize ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Choclatone in their creation, to peanut butters that are blended with fruit flavors, honey (which can be added through the use of Advanced Biotech’s Natural Honey Reaction), or one of the many other great flavor ingredients on the market.


With these innovative new peanut butter mixes, flavorists can offer their customers a taste of something new and exciting alongside the classic simplicity of this delicious treat. Some pretty interesting experiments have been done, pairing the nutty and slightly salty flavor of peanut butter itself with other sweet flavors, the deep and seductive flavor of dark chocolate, and even the tropical flair of fruits such as banana.


There’s plenty of room to play around with peanut butter as a product, and since this particular market is relatively new, it could be pretty easy to come up with a great new idea.