Perfume Notes Perfect for Spring

Springtime is the perfect time for buyers to experiment with bold new aromas, and for perfumists to experiment with new ingredients and new combinations in their fragrance creation efforts. This spring, bold new aromas are arriving on shelves right alongside fresh and fragrant classics – albeit with a little bit of a twist.


Spring is, of course, the perfect time of year to introduce light floral bouquets and vibrant fruity aromas into the mix. But this year, the all for artisanal style aromas and more interesting fragrance combinations means that perfumists need to do things a little bit differently in order to keep up and continue driving innovation.


Simplicity is the name of the game with the floral fragrances of the coming year, with the floral notes in these products taking center stage in combination with just a few other base notes. Unexpected floral notes will be the top sellers, with fragrances such as lilac making a big splash in the perfume market. The same can be expected with some fruit notes such as zesty lime or lemon, which can appear in a product with the use of Advanced Biotech’s Natural Citrus Enhancer and other key citrus ingredients.


Even classics like rose are expected to make a comeback this spring season, albeit with a little bit of a twist. The most popular rose aromas can be expected to be more authentic and a little bit more subdued, with some featuring a twist in the form of unusual additions and combinations to their overall aroma profile. Regardless of the exact aroma profile or aesthetic that a perfumist is trying to capture, keeping in mind the importance of striking, vibrant, and simple aromas in this season can lead them to create something truly spectacular this spring.