The Power of Great Flavor Combinations

The flavor industry has undergone several changes over the past decade. More than ever, people are favoring unique blends and new flavors, giving flavorists more room than ever to explore different delicious treats and creations. There are a number of different flavor ingredients for flavor companies to choose from when creating these flavor combinations, which means that there is great room for innovation – and also means that flavorists need to pay close attention to the flavors that customers want and are searching for.


There are a number of great flavor combinations that have dominated in years past, and most of them remain popular to this day. Sweet and sour flavors go great with one another, and are a common component of many dishes, especially those that are Asian inspired. Sweet and salty is another classic combination, and one that is still incredibly popular. From chocolate-covered pretzels to ice creams flavored with sea salt and caramel, sweet and salty combinations can be found in many different places.


One of the  most innovative flavor combinations is those that are sweet and savory. Examples of sweet and savory combinations include chocolate bars flavored with potato chips and crackers and, conversely, many sweet flavor ingredients are being widely used to flavor savory foods. Using sweet flavors in this way has been popular in other parts of the world for years, but these combinations are relatively new to the Western foods marketplace, and this is something that flavorists can use to their advantage when they are looking to create great new food items (or to give a new twist to an old favorite).


Other flavor ingredients that have risen in popularity include spicy flavors, which are often paired with sweet flavors for a unique twist. Spicy pepper flavors can be found in chocolate as well as in products such as pepper jam, which have become incredibly popular over the past several years.  Likewise, chocolate flavor ingredients such as Natural Choclatone have found their way into a number of delicious, savory, spicy sauces.


Also popular are flavors that work well with sweet and spicy blends, such as Natural Ginger Oil, Natural Nutmeg Oil, and products such as Natural Cinnamic Acid for ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon flavors respectively. All of these flavor ingredients are traditionally used to give a little kick to a sweet food item, such as candies or cookies, but they can be a great component in a number of different sauces, marinades, and similar food items.


It is a good idea for flavorists that are looking to innovate to consider the different flavor ingredients that they can use to get these great, delicious effects. From sweet flavor ingredients to the savory, and beyond, there is plenty of room to explore new, great flavor possibilities. One of the greatest places to look for inspiration is ethnic cuisines, which have utilized these combinations for centuries to create delicious dishes. From there, it is easy to find room for innovation and give many of these dishes a twenty-first century twist.