Producing Healthier Food Products Using Organic Spices

A trend towards healthier, organic – 100% natural and more environmentally friendly produce has been growing over the past few decades, lately accelerated by the recent pandemic. As a result, consumers look for more natural foods and ingredients grown and produced in more responsible and less harmful ways.
Fresh produce growers and manufacturers take this to heart, providing organic products and consciously reviewing their ingredients to make more natural choices in response to consumer demand. Nonetheless, little attention is paid to the value of organic spices. Indeed, with these products being considered healthy already, used in tiny amounts, and with a slower purchase cycle, many overlook the benefits of organically grown options.
Yet, the reality is that choosing organic – 100% natural spices is as essential for consumer and planetary health as opting for organic in any other food category. Yes, they can be a little pricier when you look for them. However, the increased value for money may drive your decision instead.
Spices Are More Than a Flavoring
While most of us use spices to add enticing aroma and delicious flavor to dishes, spices also offer significant health benefits and even medicinal qualities. Unfortunately, conventional products may not have a high enough concentration to provide these advantages. Instead, they may be bulked up, full of preservatives, or include genetically engineered and modified organisms (GMOs). In addition, they can contain pesticides, unhealthy additives, and synthetic anti-caking agents such as sodium ferrocyanide, aluminosilicate, silicon dioxide, or calcium silicate. Beyond being often unnatural and potentially toxic, these inclusions can disrupt the original composition of the spice, removing or reducing its health-promoting benefits.
In addition, like other inorganic produce, these plants are grown using undesirable irradiation and fumigation practices to kill bacteria. These processes further reduce the spice’s health-giving properties, potentially exposing users to cancer-causing by-products. Although spices tend to be used in moderation, consider the impact of a lifetime’s daily exposure. Instead, to meet the strict FDA food health standards, organic spices can be steam-treated or dry heated using cutting-edge processes to destroy pathogens, avoiding chemicals or irradiation.
Organic Spice – Worth Its Weight in Gold
Organic – 100% natural spices may be slightly more expensive, but the additional investment is worth it. These products also stay fresh for around two to four years and are replaced infrequently.
Still, be discerning in your purchase choices, as not all organic spices are equally organic. To be considered organic, spices must be non-GMO, grown and produced without pesticides, irradiation, or fumigation, and contain no preservatives, anti-caking agents, or other chemicals.
Importantly, look for proper certification. Ensure that the brands you choose are from companies certified with the USDA National Organic Program. This endorsement guarantees that the company is committed to sustainability in farming and production processes and takes your and the planet’s health seriously.
In addition, to find the healthiest options, look for products that are also free of salt and sugar. The most significant benefits can be obtained from highly concentrated, unadulterated spices. These pure products provide superior benefits, aromas, flavors, and peace of mind.
Organic Ingredient Substitution
Where manufacturers produce ingredients, such as aromas and flavors, increasing concerns around and demands for organic – 100% natural products present new challenges. Replacing conventional components with organic options requires care and caution to align with regulations.
Still, as the trend becomes more mainstream, innovative and enhanced solutions are being developed to incorporate essential oils, natural aromatics, and other organic components. These advances mean that product manufacturers and their customers can rest assured that organic ingredients are available and made with uncompromising standards and quality.
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