Spirit Flavors and Fragrances

While one of the biggest trends in the flavors industry is the introduction of a range of new and unusual flavors for all types of alcoholic beverages, from rum to vodka. However, the reverse is also true, and there has been an increased popularity of buyers in the flavor and fragrance industries searching for spirit flavors and fragrances to add to their product lines.


Spirit flavors such as amaretto have become increasingly popular in the production of different flavors, and can be a great way to enhance the flavor and fragrance profiles of many different products, from scented candles to chocolates and other candies. Spirit flavor ingredients are becoming increasingly popular among both large and small-scale bakeries, as it is a great way to custom-create flavorful cupcakes, frostings, and other delectable dishes with more complex flavors.


There are many reason that companies might choose spirit flavor ingredients rather than heading directly to a distillery to purchase the product itself. The first is that there is a concern about increasing or adding to the alcohol content of a product. Food products that are going to be sold on a large scale must meet strict standards, and even if much of the alcohol disappears during the manufacturing process, there will always be a small portion that remains, no matter how the product itself has been treated. Additionally, the natural flavor of spirits can be a little harsh, and alcohol is not ideal for the manufacture of many types of fragrances. Rum and liquor distilleries themselves might even choose to benefit from these raw ingredients when they are searching to enhance their products. There are many different possibilities to consider.


Many of the “spirit” fragrances and flavors being used are actually the result of custom-creation, using both natural extracts and products and synthetic compounds. The creation of synthetic spirit flavor and fragrance can be an incredibly complex procedure requiring the use of several different ingredients, so it is important to have a quality ingredients supplier on hand to supply everything that is needed for the process. Of particular importance is having the right raw ingredient available to create the taste or aroma of a spirit such as rum or whiskey without actually adding to the alcoholic content.


Fortunately, there are many flavor and aroma ingredients that can be used in this process. To go back to the example of amaretto, it is important to note the strong almond flavor of the alcohol. Not surprisingly, almonds are used in the process of making this fine liqueur. And almond distillates or sweet almond oils are therefore the perfect ingredients for those wanting to add amaretto flavor to their chocolates, their cupcakes, or other products.


There is more to it than that, of course, but Advanced Biotech can provide the ingredients necessary to add the flavor and fragrance of spirits to products. Many different industries can benefit from this growing trend and use it to their advantage.