Supplement Trends

Dietary supplements are becoming more and more popular all the time and will likely continue to grow in the coming years. That’s primarily because of the convenience of achieving specific health goals by merely taking a pill or powder. Here are some of the biggest trends in supplements we see in 2020.


Clean label


Health-conscious consumers seek out supplements that contain no artificial flavors or fillers or synthetic ingredients. That’s why many supplement manufacturers choose natural and plant-based compounds for their supplements. There’s also an increasing demand for sustainable ingredients in a wide range of supplements, as these ingredients are better for both the planet and the user. Supplement brands that can claim an emphasis on healthy and natural ingredients and eco-friendly practices achieve what is known as a “clean label” – the right to advertise the truth: a minimum number of functional and safe ingredients, and practices that won’t harm the planet.


Personalized nutrition


Have you ever tried dieting to lose a few extra pounds? People commonly adjust their food intake for health reasons, and these adjustments are often long-term or permanent. Some nutrition rules are ubiquitous and easy to define. For example, don’t consume too much sugar, there is a wide variety of healthy diets to choose from, including low-fat and high-carb as well as high-fat and low-carb (such as the popular ketogenic diet). That is precisely why personalized nutrition has become such an important concept, and one of the most prominent supplement trends of the year. Personalized nutrition aims to provide the right nutrients for a person’s unique needs and can even help that individual choose a suitable diet based on their own body.


Vegetable and fruit powders


The most popular ways of consuming supplements are capsules and tablets. However, these are not the only ways. While pills aren’t likely to diminish in popularity in the coming years, another form seeks to share the spotlight: powders. Powders are an excellent way to consume a range of superfoods in a single formula. These powders contain natural ingredients based on a variety of essential nutrients. There are also many flavor options on the market to provide consumers with pleasant-tasting supplements, whether their tastes are sweeter and fruiter or stronger and greener. Simply put, vegetable and fruit powders are an easy and convenient way for users to get the nutrients that they need – at one time and from one source, rather than tracking the nutrients in a day’s worth of smoothies and salads.