The Diverse Uses of Buttery Flavor Ingredients

Butter is one of the most subtle and common flavors, and as such can be used in an incredibly diverse range of dishes. However, one of the areas in which buttery flavors are most commonly being used are in custom flavor creation. Buttery flavors like Advanced Biotech’s Natural Butyl Butyryl Lactate and Natural Butter Enhancer provide a great base for a range of complex flavor profiles, and can be used to help replicate certain flavors in products such as confectionary treats. The diversity of butter flavor makes it an important ingredient throughout the food industry.


One of the common areas that buttery flavor is used is in the creation of flavors for products such as potato chips, pretzels, and especially popcorn. Butter can be a side note to other flavors, or it can be used to create entirely new flavors in snack food products. It is becoming increasingly popular as an addition to new flavors ranging from cheesy garlic bread to sour cream and onion, but it can also be used for a simple buttery flavor.


Buttery flavor is also used in a number of different prepackaged food products such as rice, “meal in a box” style dinners, and pastas. Again, the buttery flavor can be used with just a few other flavor ingredients, or it can simply be a side note to enhance the overall flavor of a product. One of the benefits of butter flavor in this regard is that it can be used to make a product that is dairy free, depending on the exact ingredient that is used in flavor creation.


One of the most popular uses of buttery flavor ingredients is in the creation of margarine and other butter substitutes. As such, it is also incredibly common in the creation of dietary food products that do not use real butter in an effort to cut fats and calories from dishes. Choosing the right buttery flavor ingredient is especially important in this regard, as the buttery must have a taste as close to the “real thing” as possible.


Buttery notes are also commonly used in the creation of a number of different ice creams and gelatos. This is especially true with custom ice cream flavors meant to recreate flavors such as cake and pie, which have seen a great boom in popularity over the past several years. In this case, the buttery flavor is primarily an enhancer to be used with other flavor ingredients such as vanilla extract or bready flavors. Choosing the right buttery flavor is also important – custom flavor creation teams generally go with buttery flavors that have notes of other fruits or notes of dairy, such as acetoin liquid.


These types of flavor ingredients can also be used where they might be least expected. While most would not think of the importance of buttery flavor in the creation of liqueurs, it is a key component of butterscotch flavors as well as custom flavored vodkas and rums. There are so many types of buttery flavor ingredients available that choosing the right one is a relatively simple process. Whether just one is needed, or several, this readily available product can be of great use in flavor creation.