The Growing Popularity of Lamb

When it comes to food, tastes and trends are always evolving, and one of the more recent trends to emerge is lamb. As food itself becomes a social activity and educational avenue, and people become more discerning about what they cook at home as well as what they eat in restaurants, lamb’s share of the spotlight grows. There are several possible reasons for the change.


One reason that lamb is growing in popularity may be that it’s one of the more sustainable meat choices you can make. Lamb is primarily reared naturally, with access to grass fields in which to forage. Also, they are usually raised on land that isn’t otherwise agriculturally useful, such as low-quality hillsides. That makes it a smart, economical choice to allow them to roam free. Lamb is also highly nutritious, providing high-quality protein and a variety of essential vitamins and minerals including zinc, iron, and vitamin B12. That means that consuming lamb regularly may help with muscle growth, performance, and energy.


Beyond ethical and health reasons, though, lamb tastes excellent. Its flavor, tenderness, and unique taste are probably the main reasons that people are enjoying it more frequently. Lamb has a firmer and more tender texture than chicken with a stronger, fattier, and meatier piquancy. Combined with the juiciness and tenderness of the meat, the unusual flavor is highly complementary. The taste of the meat itself can be affected by several factors including how the lamb is raised, and the cooking style used. For example, grilled lamb will have a different taste and texture than lamb cooked in the oven or a pan. Either way, however, lamb is delectable meat that more and more people are beginning to appreciate.


One delicious way to experience lamb is a slow-roasted shoulder, cooked Moroccan-style with cumin, turmeric, onions, and wine. These flavors are easy to recreate with extracts such as turmeric extract and onion oil. Another tempting idea is to use a sweet and zingy zest to contrast with that of the meat, such as blackberry and honey with a touch of lime or lemon to balance out the flavors. A classic combination of garlic, rosemary, and thyme is sure to be a crowd-pleaser as well.


With lamb increasing in popularity right now, it’s a great time to experiment with the endless flavoring possibilities to create products for today’s food lover. Lamb lends itself to a wide variety of possible flavor blends, so don’t be afraid to try something new and come up with your own signature lamb seasoning to wow your customers.