The Growth of Chili Extracts in the Plant Extracts Market

We all know someone who puts hot sauce on everything they eat, and chops fresh chilis into almost every dish. Market research shows that chili peppers are in high demand as more people switch to spicy versions of their favorite snacks. It’s not just whole chilis flying off the shelves, but chili extracts, distillates, and powders too.
What is Chili Extract?
Chilis get their hot and spicy flavor from a plant compound called capsaicin. When you distill chili peppers in alcohol, you can draw out the capsaicin to make chili extract. This extract comes in liquid, paste, and powder form. It’s a potent flavoring ingredient and has significant antimicrobial properties. Chili extracts may contain one or more different types of peppers, including:

  • Ancho – the dried version of poblano peppers. They have a smoky flavor and moderate heat and are popular in Mexican cuisine.

  • Jalapeno – these are America’s favorite chili peppers! They are mild compared to most other chilis and have juicy green flesh packed with vitamin C.

  • Habanero – these are some of the hottest chili peppers in the world and are often found in hot sauces and chili pastes. They have a slightly fruity flavor and come from South America.

  • Cayenne – one of the most popular chili peppers in the world, this thin, bright red chili carries a lot of heat and is commonly sold in powdered form.

  • Chipotle – the smoked, dried version of jalapeno peppers. These chilis have an earthy, smoky flavor with low heat levels and are a common ingredient in Tex-Mex dishes.

  • Serrano – these have a similar taste and appearance to jalapenos but are much spicier. Many chefs roast them before using them for chili extracts.

What’s Driving the Demand for Chili Extracts?
The world saw a spicy food boom in 2020, which sparked global interest in chili peppers and the foods that contain them. Chili extract is an easy way to add heat to a dish without changing its texture, and more food brands are using it to make sauces, dips, dressings, and even drinks and desserts! Here are two possible reasons why chili is dominating the plant extracts market:

  1. A rising interest in ethnic cuisine.
    Ethnic cuisine refers to food native to specific cultures, such as birria from Mexico or mochi from Japan. Food industry reports suggest that there will be a steady demand for international flavors throughout 2023. Asian and Mexican flavors are especially popular, many of which combine sweet and spicy ingredients like mango and chili peppers.
    Brands can use chili extracts to impart the flavor of traditional dishes in everyday foods, such as sauces, chips, and spreads.

  3. Consumer tastes are shifting towards complex flavors.
    Another food trend for 2023 is complex flavor pairings. Consumers are becoming more adventurous with food, demanding more interesting versions of the classic dishes they know and love. Many trendy new dishes feature chili, for example, peach habanero jam, chili-lime watermelon wedges, and hot honey. Instead of using whole chili peppers to bring the heat, brands can add different chili extracts to their recipes for more nuanced spicy flavors.

Experiment With Chili Extract in Your Next Dish
Chili extract brings heat and flavor to food, drinks, and desserts without changing their texture. It can help you create new taste experiences for your customers through globally inspired recipes and unique flavor pairings.
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