The Increase in Popularity of Meal Subscriptions

According to leading industry market researcher, Packaged Facts, 90% of people who subscribe to meal kit delivery services recommend them to their friends and family.1 Meal kits contain all the ingredients you need for a specific recipe and often come with pre-prepared produce and pre-measured spices. US meal kit sales jumped by 85% from 2019 to 2020, and meal kits are still the most popular e-commerce subscription.2
5 Benefits of Using a Meal Subscription Service

  1. Convenience
    The most obvious driver of meal kits’ popularity is how convenient they make home cooking. They give subscribers a recipe and all the ingredients it calls for – measured, sliced, and ready to cook, saving people time and often making meal preparation more enjoyable. The industry exploded in 2020 when people wanted to avoid busy grocery stores, learn new recipes, and enjoy restaurant-quality food from home.
    Many meal subscription services now also offer pre-made meal options to cater to people with busy lifestyles who prefer to skip the cooking component entirely.

  3. Cost-Saving Potential
    While many people would argue that meal kits are more expensive than buying groceries, they can help avid take-out eaters save money by making it easier to cook at home. Meal kits are also much more affordable than eating out – the average restaurant meal costs $13, while the average price per serving in a meal kit is only $9.3 Bigger households will most likely see the financial benefits of meal subscription boxes, as most service providers offer discounts on large orders.
    The price of a meal subscription is also less likely to fluctuate with inflation, helping consumers budget more accurately in uncertain economic climates.

  5. Variety and Exposure to Global Cuisine
    Meal subscription services are a low-commitment way to try new recipes without wasting money on ingredients you won’t use again, such as exotic herbs and spices. Many companies offer globally inspired recipes that infuse international flavor into everyday favorites, turning inexperienced cooks into adventurous eaters. People who live in small communities with limited food options may enjoy the variety using a meal subscription box presents.

  7. Healthy Eating and Portion Control
    Meal subscription boxes typically contain carefully portioned ingredients that produce meals for a pre-determined number of people. People prone to over-eating may find meal kits helpful in re-establishing healthy portion sizes.
    Furthermore, most meal kit companies pride themselves on offering recipes that help people eat fresher, healthier food. Health-conscious consumers can use meal kits as tools for following a weekly eating plan without the snack-aisle temptations. Subscription services with paleo, keto, vegan and vegetarian options are perfect for people who want to transform their eating habits with minimal effort.

  9. Reducing Food Waste
    Getting groceries from a meal subscription box can reduce the amount of food waste you generate, thanks to pre-portioned ingredients. Meal kits often contain fresh produce that is difficult to buy in small quantities, such as herbs, reducing the risk of surplus ingredients ending up in the trash. Following an accurate meal kit recipe also prevents people from generating leftovers that often go to waste.
    Although many people have criticized meal kits for their excessive packaging, some studies4 suggest that food waste reduction benefits outweigh the packaging concerns.

Meal subscription services have become a mainstream way to feed buys families in the US and around the world. They have economic, environmental, and health benefits that could drive more consumers to turn away from take-out soon. Advanced Biotech is a trusted supplier of natural food flavoring ingredients that enhance taste and aroma and make the perfect secret ingredient in any dish. Please contact us for more information.