The Introduction of Healthy Vending Machines

The familiar vending machine has graced government, industry, business, transport, hospitality, retail, and educational institutions since the late 1800s.
While the first of its modern kind dispensed stamps and postcards, more contemporary versions offer sweets, snacks, sodas, water, hot beverages, tobacco products, beers, toys, electrical items, toiletries, prophylactics, over-the-counter medication, and anything else you can imagine.
The earliest version of the vending concept, devised in first-century Roman Egypt, purportedly dispensed temple holy water for a coin, demonstrating that, except for size, there’s no limit to what this versatile invention can make available.
As such, vending machines represent a convenient, self-serve way to cater to large numbers of staff, visitors, patrons, students, and patients, all day and every day, with minimal resources and outlay.
However, the content of traditional vending machines may no longer serve every consumer segment after the devastating pandemic, the apparent impact of climate change, and an increased emphasis on personal health and immunity.
In short, conventional vending machine contents are not good for you or the planet.
The Need for Healthier Vending Offerings
Demand for healthier vending products is driven by changing consumer lifestyles and an increasingly proactive health mindset.
In addition, there is a continuing need for greater convenience and on-the-go options for busy and time-poor customers.
Other significant drivers include:

  • An increasing emphasis on nutritional needs: Whether the vending machine is in a school, university, gym, or hospital, there is a greater focus on dispensing “good-for-you”, healthier, more sustaining snacks, meals, and beverages, better aligned with conscious wellness strategies.

  • An effort to prevent and reduce obesity: With obesity and its associated challenges, diseases, and disabilities, controlling this weight-related epidemic requires increased attention to commercial and non-commercial publically available catering.
    In response, healthier vending machine offerings can help limit access to sugary, fatty sweets, snacks, and drinks, replacing these with healthier yet no less appealing alternatives.

  • Localized product offerings: Vending providers can leverage the opportunity to cater to particular needs and preferences depending on vending location by understanding local consumer lifestyles, tastes, and budgets.
    Industries such as healthcare, personal care, gyms, schools, and entities servicing health-conscious consumer segments, can all experience well-aligned vending offerings for health or customer-satisfaction purposes.

Healthy vending machines stocking “good-for-you” alternatives are a valuable tool in helping manage nutritional needs and obesity concerns and boost customer satisfaction strategically.
Healthy Vending Machine Products
A health-conscious consumer would expect to find a choice of fresh and natural ingredients, including reduced sugar and lower-calorie snack, meal, and beverage options.
Consider including healthier sugar-free gum, whole grain cookies and crackers, cereal, granola and protein bars, low-calorie popcorn, pretzels, fruit leathers, trail mix, nuts and seeds, beef jerky, vegetable and baked crisps, and low sodium vegetable soups and noodles.
For healthier beverage options, stock green teas, protein drinks, non-carbonated juices, non-dairy smoothies, and pure and flavored or functional water.
Also include plant-based options for your lactose intolerant, vegetarian and vegan users.
Advanced Biotech offers pure, concentrated, plant-based flavor and aroma ingredients for manufacturers producing healthier, more natural snack and beverage options for healthy vending machines without compromising taste.
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