Unusual Gelato Flavors

Gelato is similar to ice cream in a lot of ways. It’s a sweet frozen treat that’s perfect any time of year, and some of the most common ice cream flavors are just as popular in gelato – flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, for example. But one of the unique things about gelato is that it boasts a number of more unique, gourmet flavors that are sure to delight.


Rose – Most people have never thought of rose as anything other than a fragrance, but rose flavored gelato is a sweet and delicate dessert that can also be incredibly delicious. The rose flavor of gelato is combined with light buttery and vanilla notes for a simple, gourmet gelato dish that can be incredibly delightful. Lavender is another floral favorite, and may contain additional notes such as lemon or honey for something truly unique.


Rosemary – It may be considered common enough as a flavor in savory fare, but rosemary isn’t often used in the dessert aisle. However, this fragrant herb can be used in combination with other flavor ingredients such as honey for a complex, flavorful, and interesting gelato flavor.


Earl Gray Tea – Green tea gelato and ice cream has been a popular dessert option for a while now (with other options such as chai tea also picking up steam). It’s no surprise then that other classic teas such as Earl Gray have also received the gelato dessert treatment. Combined with just enough sugar to sweeten it, this unusual gelato flavor is a simple and elegant dish that can be incredibly pleasing to the taste buds.


Spicy Pepper – The hottest new trend in the flavor industry is the combination of spicy and sweet, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that pepper flavored gelato has become an increasingly popular dessert option. There are many different ways to utilize the spicy flavor of pepper in a gelato dish. It can be used to provide a spicy twist to a classic vanilla, or it can be used to add some heat to a delicious dark chocolate gelato flavor.


Of course, those are just a few different options – there is a ton of room for creativity where this type of product is concerned. Whether a flavorist goes for something simple and elegant or they go for something more complex, there are many ways to make a spectacular product with gelato.