The Story Behind Byte: Metaverse-Inspired Flavor

Maybe you’re already familiar with the term “bytes” and have heard of the metaverse. You may still not know what to make of Coca-Cola’s metaverse-birthed, gaming-inspired, pixel-flavored, limited-edition variant Byte, which debuted in the US in May.
This superbrand has always inspired us with unique consumer engagement strategies, and their latest creative efforts are sure to expand and solidify—or hyperboost—their connection to their audience, including the growing but traditionally more brand-insular gaming and esports segment. This bold move is likely to influence consumer spending habits with out-of-the-box physical products and immersive digital experiences.
Coca-Cola has been an authentic and active part of pop culture for as long as we can remember. Within the 136-year-old brand’s history of gaming culture connection, Coca-Cola entered the metaverse with non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles. This success was followed by the superbrand’s launch of Starlight, a drink and experience created to evoke the feeling of ‘a journey to space’ while offering a ‘concert on a can’. The beverage showcased undulating refractive packaging, a cosmic reddish hue, and an unexpected cooling sensation.
Now, according to Coca-Cola, Zero Sugar Byte—their second ‘surprise and delight’ Coca-Cola Creation expression—will ‘bring the flavor of pixels to life…transcending the physical and digital worlds’ .
How Zero Sugar Byte Was Born
This ‘playful pixel’ beverage was developed by a specialist global creative, R&D, design, technology, and marketing team headed by the North American Operating Unit. This dream team was given a blank slate and a non-linear schedule to co-create a uniquely novel concept within Coca-Cola Creation’s imaginative ‘Real Magic’ philosophy. Once born, the idea went from zero to lift-off within 12 months.
According to the proud makers, the Byte concept embraces the perfect combination of components to reflect and animate pixels as a flavor. The brand describes the taste as ‘bright and upfront, reminiscent of powering up a game, with a refreshing finish’. The vibrant packaging features graphics reflecting the Coca-Cola logo in eight-bit pixels.
The unveiling included an array of immersive digital Fortnite experiences paired with Pixel Point, a Coca-Cola and PWR-designed video game.
Byte is a successful example of genuine connection through multi-sensorial storytelling. Coca-Cola’s person-first, blue-sky creativity and immersive experiences are out of this world. For other companies, unusual taste profiles and exciting mouth sensations are achievable with quality flavor and aroma ingredients.
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