The Top 5 Fruity Soda Flavors

While the classic soda flavors – cola, root beer, and cream soda, just to name a few – aren’t going anywhere, it’s no secret that fruit flavored sodas are growing in popularity. In the American market, buyers are just starting to realize that there is a lot to love about these sweet beverages. Meanwhile, fruit flavored sodas have been popular for ages in foreign markets, and they are only increasing in popularity as times goes by.


Part of the growing appeal for fruit flavored sodas is the fact that they have tended to go hand in hand with the natural foods movement that has taken over. Natural Flavor Ingredients can easily be used to create some of the most compelling fruit flavors out there, and to give buyers something that they know is as healthy as it is delicious. That being said, here are the top five fruity soda flavors flavorists may want to start thinking about when it comes to flavor creation.


1. Orange – Bright and citrusy with a hard, tart edge, orange soda is a classic in and of itself. Using flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Octanol, flavorists can easily bring the real flavor of oranges into a soda beverage. This is one of the easiest types of soda to make taste as much like its natural counterpart as possible – another reason it continues to be a big hit.


2. Grape – While it used to be more popular, grape has undergone a bit of a decline in recent years, in part because of how difficult it is to create realistic grape flavors. However, new techniques in extraction have changed that. Flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Methyl Anthranilate have made grape soda even more delicious.


3. Strawberry – Another soda that declined slightly in popularity because of a trend toward more natural flavors, strawberry has made a comeback in a big way thanks to flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Furanone. Alone or combined with other flavors such as lime, it’s definitely a big hit.


4. Peach – This one may be a bit surprising, but the slightly exotic but still delicate nature of peach actually makes it perfect for creating delicious fruit sodas. Advanced Biotech’s Natural Gamma Undecalactone can be used to easily recreate peach flavor.


5. Pineapple – And last but not least, who can overlook the exotic touch of pineapple flavor in a soda beverage? Advanced Biotech’s Natural Butyl Butyrate is just one of many ways that flavorists can bring a bit of an edge to their favorite sweet, natural soda drinks.