Top Flavor Ingredients for Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are unique when it comes to flavor ingredients. As opposed to most other flavored beverages, energy drinks utilize a number of different ingredients to create flavor profiles that make it difficult to discern the exact flavors that went into that product, but that has a taste which unmistakably belongs to that brand of drink. Even when it comes to products that do have specific flavor such as citrus like Advanced Biotech’s Citrus Enhancer Natural, green tea, or even coffee like our Coffee Extract Natural, customers look for unique and energizing flavors.


Reports and industry trends have shown that flavors in energy drinks are becoming more important than ever. With the market for energy drinks continuing to expand, a range of products are being introduced – some of them quite different than the original energy drinks. Some companies have even gone back to basics, simplifying their flavor profiles for energy drinks that focus on one main flavor ingredient. However, custom flavor creation is just as important with these products, as the flavor must work with the natural flavors of the ingredients used to create them.


Most energy drinks contain one or several fruit flavor ingredients, both as extracts and as synthetic flavors. Orange, grape, apple, and lemon are all popular choices, and different combinations of citrus and tropical flavors like Mango Essence Natural and Guava Flavor Natural can produce fresh, sweet, and light flavors that create the right mood for an energy drink meant to help energize a consumer.


It is also becoming more important for companies to use natural extracts and flavors in order to appeal to a consumer base that is more health-conscious than ever before. Berry flavors are seeing a renewed popularity, as well as flavors such as apple. These are often combined with other flavors, such as sour flavor ingredients, that can create a unique twist.


When producing energy drinks, a company must consider flavors that have a naturally “energetic” feel to them. Fresher is usually better, while rich flavors are more often appropriate for other beverages.