The Top Trending Beverage Flavors

There are many beverage flavors, especially for products such as juice and soda, which are classics. However, there are also numerous different products that are trending at any given time, and while some of them fade away as quickly as they come into their popularity, others become instant classics in their own right.


For 2016, it’s no surprise that fruits are ruling the day when it comes to the top trending flavors, with “super” fruits such as pomegranate showing up in everything from juice to flavored water and various types of soda. However, virtually any exotic or unusual fruit is big at the moment – even fruits that simply aren’t traditionally seen in beverage products. These include berry flavors such as blackberry as well as fruits such as peach.


However, also big at the moment are beverage flavors inspired by the craft brewing industry – that is, classic flavors with a big twist in some form or fashion. Just as buyers can now pick out delicious beers with a citrus zest, such as that offered by Advanced Biotech’s Natural Citrus Enhancer, buyers can pick out classic beverages such as ginger ale and root beer with similar kinds of twists. Other unique spins on delicious beverage flavors include the recreation of popular desserts such as crème brulee.


Whether it’s a juice product mixed with the delicious flavors of superfruits or a classic soda with an unexpected but flavorful twist, the big thing to keep in mind about today’s top trending beverage flavors is that they are truly unique. Today’s buyers are much more adventurous than they have ever been, and offering a unique spin on a product can be a great way to do something special.