Using Super Fruit and Food Concentrates Sustainably

Superfoods and superfruits have been buzzwords in the nutrition community since the mid-2000s, and health professionals agree that these foods can have many benefits as part of a balanced diet. Plus, new fruits and vegetables keep joining the superfoods list as general interest in healthy eating grows.
Today, we can turn superfruits and foods into highly nutritious concentrates to give cereal bars, sauces, and other packaged products an extra vitamin boost.
What are Food Concentrates, and Why Do We Use Them?
Concentrates are foods with water or moisture removed to create a potent liquid or powder with the same flavor, scent, and nutritional value as the whole foods that made them. Manufacturers can concentrate almost any food, but milk, fruit, and vegetable concentrates are the most common.
Concentrates have a lower volume and take up less space than fresh produce, allowing us to transport more products simultaneously using the same amount of fuel. Thanks to their reduced moisture content, they also have a longer shelf life than whole foods.
Using Concentrates Can Make a Product More Sustainable
One of the biggest environmental concerns in the fruit juice industry is how much fuel it takes to import whole, heavy fruits from exotic growing regions. The weight usually includes skins, seeds, leaves, and other parts of the plant that won’t be in the final product. Using juice concentrates may be a more eco-friendly choice because they are fuel-efficient to transport and reduce food waste.
They also contain the same flavors and nutrients as the original fruits or vegetables, and you can use them to create unique functional drinks that appeal to superfood-loving shoppers.
5 Superfood Concentrates to Add To Your Product Range

  1. Ahiflower is a wild plant native to the UK now farmed exclusively by Natures Crops International. It produces four seeds per bloom, each packed with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Ahiflower oil is the best plant-based source of Omega-6 GLA.
  2. Algae is an up-and-coming superfood high in fiber and essential amino acids. Many types of algae also contain B vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals like calcium and potassium. Plus, growing algae does not cause environmental pollution, making it a sustainable superfood crop.
  3. Aronia berries, also known as chokeberries, are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and manganese. They also supply iron, folate, and vitamins A and E and can help boost heart health and immunity and protect the body from cancer and other diseases. Their tart, astringent taste works well in sweet and savory foods.
  4. Maqui berries are nutritional powerhouses packed with antioxidants. Originally from Chile, they are notoriously difficult to transport in their fresh form, so using Maqui berry concentrate or extract is the perfect way to add them to your superfruit smoothies. They offer a similar flavor to blackberries and cherries and work well in most fruity recipes.
  5. Mushrooms are adaptogens that can boost the immune system and fight stress and anxiety for improved health. Many varieties also contain compounds that naturally regulate blood pressure and support heart health. Using mushroom distillates and extracts in plant-based foods enhances their protein content and gives them an earthy, meaty taste.

Find Concentrated Superfoods at Advanced Biotech
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