Vanilla Reinvented

Despite the consumer trend of seeking out new and exotic flavors, vanilla is a classic go-to that has proven to stand the test of time. Vanilla comes from the pod of a tropical climbing orchid native to Mexico, and is loved throughout the globe for its natural sweetness and the subtle floral flavor and fragrance it brings to everything from baked goods to cosmetics. New flavor pairings brings new life to this botanic staple, and Advanced Biotech takes a look at popular new flavor applications that are keeping vanilla in the spotlight.


Nut Spreads


            Consumers are constantly on the lookout for a quick way to get a boost of energy and nutrients. Nut butters have surged in popularity for their functionality, health benefits, and unique combination of sweet and salty flavors. Vanilla has become a common and welcomed additive to these spreads as its natural sweetness replaces the artificial sugars often found in traditional peanut butter, while also adding a subtle floral flavor and scent. It also works well to mask any bitterness or aftertastes that may come with more natural spreads, rounding out the flavor and making it approachable for health-conscious consumers.


Citrus Fruits


            The tart, robust tones of citrus fruits like orange and lemon plays surprisingly well with vanilla’s mellow sweetness. The robust sourness is rounded out by vanilla and is a popular combination in everything from yogurt to hand sanitizer. Vanilla citrus candles, cocktails, and essential oils have been popular picks for consumers who are looking for a naturally palatable pick-me-up.


Coffee Drinks


            Two of the world’s favorite flavors, coffee and vanilla, when combined, make for an unbeatable flavor profile. Naturally sweet, components in vanilla work to balance the bitterness of coffee making for a mellow caffeine boost for coffee lovers of all ages. Vanilla syrup is a popular staple in coffee shops and in consumer pantries alike, and has been a common additive to the recent whipped coffee food trend. Iced or hot, vanilla and coffee are comparable to peanut butter and jelly, a truly iconic flavor combination that withstands the test of time.