Wine Trends for Summer 2021

This past year has brought about unprecedented changes, and the wine industry is no exception. Lighter options, sustainably sourced, and online buying options are new trends that mark the upcoming summer months. Keep reading to learn more as we at Advanced Biotech celebrate National Wine Day by exploring these new consumer preferences as well as the accompanying flavors that are shaping the Summer 2021 wine landscape.


Lighter Options

            As health and wellness trends remain popular, health-conscious consumers are driving much innovation within the wine industry. There is a steady trend of younger Millennial and Gen Z wine-drinkers swapping rich, sugary wines for lighter options with fresher flavors and lower sugar content. This trend is due in part to increased alcohol consumption over 2020, as consumers drank more wine they also wanted to feel good about what they were drinking, bringing low-calorie, low-sulfite wines into the spotlight. Natural, organic wines brewed with fresh fruits like cherries and figs and seasoned with botanicals like herbs and spices make up for the low sugar levels with a boost in natural and unique flavors.


Shopping Online

            With work from home and social distancing in full swing, at-home consumption and online ordering grew exponentially over the course of 2020. It’s now easier than ever to purchase wine online with the help of online subscription services, online ordering, and at-home drop-off services allowing consumers to support their favorite local brands and wineries. Consumers also have the benefit of personalization, as many websites now offer customized recommendations based on preferences and past orders, allowing everyone from seasoned wine lovers to those just beginning to dip their toe into the overwhelming pool of wines to find their next favorite bottle.



            Transparency, sustainability, and responsible sourcing have been keywords across many industries as consumers become more aware and concerned about the ingredients that they put into their bodies as well as the values of the brands they choose to patronize. As wine purchasing trends shift away from ordering glasses at bars, restaurants, and wineries to at-home purchases of bottles, consumers are more concerned than ever about ingredients and the authenticity of label claims. ”Clean wine”, a term encompassing many call-outs such as sustainably sourced, organic, low-sugar, low-carb, and low-sulfite, is also gaining popularity, and we predict it will be one of the leading trends this summer.


Catering to the ever-expanding wine community and their changing concerns and sentiments will be key for brands to succeed with new launches this summer season. Keeping buzzwords like environmentally-friendly, low-sugar, organic, and sustainable will be imperative to capturing the attention of old and new wine lovers.