marshmallow flavors

A Unique Twist to Marshmallow Flavors

Entire volumes could be written on the new and innovative ways that companies have come up with to flavor marshmallows. However, there is a new contender for the innovation crown when it comes to marshmallow flavors. Unflavored white marshmallows has been the most popular for decades, primarily because of the supporting role it plays in consumers’ favorite treats. However, a range of new, delicious flavors is threatening its place at the top of the marshmallow industry.


In 2019, snacking takes a turn toward the fancy and as the once regulated routine becomes an all day activity, high quality ingredients become an increasing necessity for consumers. Those who love to top their hot cocoa with delicious marshmallows are finding that flavored marshmallows are a great twist to the cold-weather treat. Deep notes of caramelized, vanilla flavored marshmallows can be achieved with the addition of flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Indonesian Vanilla Extract.


So what flavors are available? The most traditional unflavored marshmallow are, not surprisingly, still among the most popular. Chocolate, which can be enhanced by a number of different flavor ingredients, may seem the simplest. However, there are many different types of chocolate flavored marshmallows available. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and even white chocolate can all be found. There are even delicious combinations such as chocolate strawberry available for those who prefer this sweet, refreshing flavor. A close runner up as the most popular  flavored marshmallow is vanilla bourbon. Another growing trend in the industry  is the creation of toppings that recreate the delicious new ice cream flavors that are available. Vanilla bourbon marshmallows can help to recreate the delicious flavor of rocky road in a form that is perfect for use on top of any treat. It goes without saying that one of the biggest new sellers in the ice cream industry is “cake batter”, “cupcake” or “birthday cake” flavored ice cream. Flavored marshmallows with these same great flavors are also being made available, and can make for a delicious and sweet twist on the typical treat.


Fruits can make a great flavor addition to marshmallows as well. Strawberry is another popular flavor, as well as lemon. Exciting flavors such as lemon and lime, coconut, cherry vanilla and even grapefruit are some flavors we can expect to see on grocery shelves this year. The fact of the matter is, there is plenty of room for any manufacturer of flavored marshmallows to try new things. People who may be hesitant about experimentation with foods are often more willing to experiment when it comes to this sweet treat, and that includes products that are used to finish it off. A flavor can be elegant – hazelnut, for example – or it can be something fun, such as bubblegum. Even seasonal flavors can be found, such as pumpkin and cinnamon. One thing is for certain – this market is only likely to grow, especially as more and more of these products hit grocery store shelves.