Breakfast Trends of Epic Proportions

With more people working from home, breakfast is finally regaining its place as the most important meal of the day. Big breakfasts aren’t only for the weekend anymore, as those who were previously short on time in the morning are foregoing their daily commute for a fortifying morning meal. In accordance with this trend, the market is surging with new products that provide consumers with nutritional value while satisfying the clean-label claims they’re looking for. New flavors and innovations are also keeping breakfast interesting as consumers have more time to experiment with new ingredients, spices, and recipes. Today we’re taking a look at innovations in breakfast that are satisfying both trends and stomachs.



            Plant-based products have been attracting a ton of attention as consumers looking to decrease their meat consumption for both health and environmental reasons are looking for vegetarian and vegan alternatives. While oatmeal is a tried and true staple of the meat-free breakfast, consumers are looking for more options that more closely mirror their favorite meat products like sausages, meat, and eggs for a much needed protein boost in the morning. Plant-based sausage and eggs are poised to capture breakfast plates of health-conscious consumers, with omelets, breakfast sandwiches, and burritos also making their way into retailers and on fast food menus. Healthy, vitamin packed ingredients like beans, grains, and vegetable proteins are taking the place of meat in these breakfast classics with natural flavors enhanced by herbs and spices reigning supreme.



Functional Ingredients

            Functional ingredients have long been a focus on consumer food goods, with many looking for enhanced versions of their favorites. New products incorporating familiar ingredients that consumers view as functional are surging in popularity with honey, coffee, and omega-3 fatty acids at the top of breakfast menus. Fruit smoothies fortified with functional honey and honey, egg bites packed with spinach and garlic, and muffins flavored with whole blueberries and oats are quickly becoming consumer favorites for their delicious taste and nutrient-dense functionality.



            Products with natural, wholesome ingredients have been a long-standing demand for many consumers. With health and wellness more important than ever, these needs are extending to breakfast as food and beverage products with all-natural, organic, and clean-label claims are finding their way to the table each morning. Non-GMO berries and fruits, free-range eggs, and anti-biotic-free milks are common finds in many health-conscious kitchens, while pre-made smoothies, RTD coffees, and even wraps and cereals modifying their recipes to keep up with demands.


Between virtual schooling and endless Zoom meetings, consumers are finding a way to make sure they and their loved ones have time for a wholesome and nutritious breakfast. Manufacturers looking to make it onto shopping lists should incorporate clean-label, functional ingredients into their products and may want to consider ditching meat altogether.