Creating Products for the Food Service Industry

Flavorists who work on products for the mass market are, for the most part, focusing on creating ready-made products. With the exception of ingredients that customers must add themselves, as is sometimes the case with prepackaged food products, flavorists are offering buyers the complete package when it comes to food flavors. This is not necessarily the case when it comes to products that are created for those in the food service industry.


Instead of offering a complete package, flavorists who create products for the food service industry are focusing on the creation of puzzle pieces that will go toward making great dishes. These flavor bases make it easier for restaurants and cafeterias to make and serve food in a hurry, while still creating fresh products for their customers to enjoy.


There are a number of different products that a flavorist may focus on if they are working within this kind of specialty. Among the products that they might create are bases for fruit smoothies, bases for ice creams and other frozen dessert products such as frozen yogurt, and fruit purees for use in creating various desserts and baked items.


In addition to sweet items, flavorists may also be called on to create custom condiments and sauces for restaurants. From creating the basics to creating custom flavors, and even signature flavors for restaurants and cafes, there are a number of ways a flavorist can work with a restaurant to create ready-made items that still showcase the restaurant or café’s own unique flair.


A flavorist might also be called on to create custom, ready-made drink items, from flavored waters to carbonated soda beverages. Other products that they might work with include flavored coffees, or flavor mixes for shakes, which can include Advanced Biotech’s Natural Vanillin for vanilla flavors, Natural Choclatone for natural chocolate flavors, or even Natural Strawberry Furanone for strawberry flavors.


Whatever a restaurant or a cafeteria needs, it is the flavorist’s job to ensure that those needs are met. Having quality flavor ingredients in their arsenal is the first step toward success.