Delicious Hot Chocolate Flavors

Classic cocoa flavors mix traditional flavors with the delicious flavor of the chocolate itself – sometimes in variations such as white chocolate or dark chocolate – to create something that’s just a little bit different than what buyers might expect. There are various types of vanilla that can be used to create rich vanilla flavors in hot chocolate products, such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Vanillin or Natural Vanilla Absolute. Natural Cinnamic Acid can be used to provide the flavor of cinnamon to hot chocolate products – perfect for warmth on a chilly night, while Natural Caramel Furanone 1% PG can be used to add the sweet flavor of caramel to hot chocolate.


More experimental hot chocolate flavors can be created using ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Thiomenthone for sweet mint, or even fruity flavors such as cherry. Even spicy flavors such as chipotle pepper can be added to hot chocolate, giving it a delicious kick that is perfect for those seeking something a little bit different. Orange and chocolate are a great combination in the confectionary world, so it is no surprise that these flavors combine well in hot chocolate, too. From chai tea flavors to delicious seasonal pumpkin, there are numerous incredible options already available and many more waiting to be created. As summer comes to an end, it is the perfect time for flavorists to look forward to the new flavors that will be coming out as the temperatures drop.