Extracts For Flavored Water

Water is the simplest of beverages – at least, that used to be the case. Now more people than ever are looking or unique ways to drink their water, whether it is in a sparkling form or it has been enhanced by natural vitamins and minerals.


Flavored waters can be created and recreated with a number of different flavor ingredients to provide their natural taste. Both synthetic and natural extracts can be used to different effect, though extracts are the more popular option among buyers looking for the healthiest, all-natural ingredients for their beverages.


It goes without saying that fruit flavors the most popular when it comes to flavored waters. From cherry to apple, raspberry, and citrus to more tropical fruit flavors such as kiwi, acai berry, and pomegranate, there are a number of different natural flavor ingredients for a company to choose from when looking to create new flavored water products. The fact that using these natural fruit extracts means a product can be labeled as “all natural” is something else that is incredibly popular to consumers.


Companies should not feel limited to fruit flavor ingredients. Other options are also becoming popular, especially those that use light, fresh vegetable flavors like Advanced Biotech’s Natural Green Complex and herbal flavors like Natural Hibiscus Extract Liquid for something a little more unique. Cucumber flavored water is a delicious and tasty product that has increased in popularity over the past few years, while mint is a classic that is seeing a renewed burst of popularity.


No matter what flavor ingredients a company uses to create its products, one thing is for certain – there is always room to grow and expand in the market, especially now as customers look for healthy beverage alternatives. Using flavor ingredients in water is as easy as choosing a completely water-soluble product. The possibilities really are endless, and the next big sensation in flavored water might even be something a little bit daring and unexpected.