Gen X: Consumer Insight Study

Although smaller in number than the older Baby Boomers and the younger segment of Millennials, Gen X is a generation that should not be overlooked. Born between the years of roughly 1965 to 1980, Gen X is thought to be in the prime of their working years and along with Boomers, have the highest median household income. That, paired with the fact that they are often the heads of the family making decisions for, influencing, and financing eating habits of the burgeoning Gen Z, Gen X has buying power that should not be overlooked.  Join us as we at Advanced Biotech take a look at the purchasing and eating habits of this unique segment of consumers.



                Gen X is often thought of the generation that bridges the gap between Baby Boomers and Millennials, both in mindset and flavor preferences. They like comfort food and familiar flavors like their more senior counterparts, but also enjoy a bit of adventure and are not afraid to try internationally-inspired foods or flavor mash-ups like Millennials. Products and menu items that strike a balance between these two buckets like teriyaki flavored beef jerky or zesty Mediterranean-inspired popcorn are ideal for Gen X consumers, while more adventurous items like horchata, edamame, and plant-based lentil-quinoa burgers are generally not well-received by this segment. Gen X flavor preference centers on comfort foods with a yearning for authenticity and a touch of adventure.



                While functionality claims appeal to a wide range of market segments, Gen X seems to have a particular interest in this category of food and beverage products. They look for products that deliver health benefits like more energy and better sleep, while also placing a special emphasis on foods and ingredients that claim to reduce the risk of cancer. Products featuring superfoods and super fruits such as ready to drink smoothies and teas, and prepared salads and bowls featuring recognizable but healthy ingredients like blueberries, spinach, honey, watermelon, almonds, and salmon serve this category of consumer well. Gen X is also a generation that is more concerned with dieting to lose weight than any other generation, and tend to gravitate towards functional products with weight-loss claims, low-calorie snacks, or “healthy” versions of their favorite treats such as high-fiber brownies or whole wheat pretzels.


                Gen X is a small yet powerful segment of consumers with very specific tastes and health concerns. They are looking for familiar products with interesting twists and functional products featuring healthy ingredients they can pronounce. Products looking to connect with this segment should be approachable, healthy, and address issues of concern for this generation such as cancer prevention and weight loss.