The Ins and Outs of Cake and “Cake Batter” Flavors

While fresh, all-natural flavors are becoming more prominent than ever in the flavor industry, custom flavors that replicate classic desserts are also on the rise. Among the most popular is cake and cake batter flavor, which can be seen in an increasing number of confectionary and dessert items throughout the flavor industry. Cake and cake batter flavors are surprisingly complex, blending basic flavor ingredients such as vanilla, which can be produced with Advanced Biotech’s Natural Vanillin, with flavor ingredients that can replicate the various notes of this classic dessert item.


One of the more popular areas where cake batter flavor can be found is in the frozen desserts industry. Cake and cake batter ice creams run the gamut from basic yellow cake and cake batter to chocolate cake, red velvet cake, and other favorites. The flavor ingredients that are used in the creation of these flavors can vary by a great deal depending on the experience the flavorist intends to create.


Buttery notes are among the most prominent in cake and cake batter flavors, and can be easily created with flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Iso Butyraldehyde. Almond flavors, created with Advanced Biotech’s Natural Cassia Oleoresin, can also play a big part in recreating a cake flavor for these items. Some flavorists have seen good results with using coconut flavors to enhance their cake and cake batter flavor recipes as well – this can be an especially good choice for those who are attempting to create sweeter products.


While cake and cake batter flavors first rose to prominence in the frozen desserts industry, they have made their way into other areas of the flavor industry as well. They can be found in soft yogurt, cookies, in dips for fruits and other baked treats, and now even in the creation of cosmetic items, such as lip balm and lipstick. There are many ways for flavorists to play with this novelty flavor and create something special.