Microwave Popcorn: From Classics to New Favorites

Microwaved popcorn until recent years came in only a couple of different flavors – buttery and even more buttery. The use of flavor ingredients such as Natural Isobutyraldehyde and other similar ingredients to create a butter flavor for popcorn may be more or less traditional, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of other options available for creating great popcorn flavors. In fact, there are more flavors for microwavable popcorn available now than ever before.


Pre-packaged popcorn products, such as those found in the snack food aisle, have always come in a wider range of flavors. However, microwavable popcorn until recently was still pretty narrow in scope in terms of flavor, with only the odd cheese-flavored popcorn being thrown into the mix for variety.


Now, not only can you find many different types of cheese – including basic cheese as well as flavors such as white cheddar – you can find flavors with great additions. Jalapeno-cheddar is one great example of a popcorn flavor that is quickly becoming a big hit among buyers.


But the variety available with these popcorn flavors doesn’t end there. You can even find sweeter flavors available with microwave popcorn, such as the ever-popular kettle corn. Varieties of kettle corn may even utilize cinnamon and vanilla flavors, which can be provided by Advanced Biotech’s Natural Cinnamic Acid and Natural Vanillin, for an even sweeter and more flavorful treat. Suffice it to say, you don’t have to stick to butter these days – although there are still plenty of great, delicious butter popcorn favorites available for purchase. Since this area of the snack food aisle is still growing, there are still many ways for a flavorist to create something unique and a little bit different.