New Innovations in Cooking Oil

Kitchen staples like vegetable and olive oils may need to make some room in the pantry. An upcoming food trend in 2021 will be experimenting with new types of oil in cooking, whether for health benefits, flavor benefits or both. Advanced Biotech predicts that oils derived from unconventional natural sources and those infused with botanic and other natural flavors will be a popular addition to the industry going into the New Year. Retailers, home cooks, and chefs alike will enjoy experimenting with oils that boast new and interesting flavor profiles as well those with popular callouts such as sustainability and better-for-you. Keep reading as we take a look at innovative oils we predict will soon be replacing coconut oils on counters everywhere.


Sunflower Seed


                Sunflower seed oil is made by pressing the seeds of a sunflower plant and is often touted as being a healthy oil due to its unsaturated fats that may support heart health. Available in both refined and cold-pressed, refined sunflower oil has an exceptionally high smoke-point making it ideal for high-heat applications like frying, while cold-pressed has a delicate, buttery, and nutty taste that makes it perfect for lighter applications like vinaigrettes. The production of sunflower seed oil also has a relatively low impact on the environment, as there are no known negative effects to soil, trees, or the atmosphere as long as there are no pesticides being used.




                Culinary expert Zach Hovan recently named oil derived from algae as a new ingredient to look out for. Called the “most efficiently produced oil” in the world, Hovan claims that algae oil has a low carbon footprint and also performs well in kitchen as it is very stable and has a high smoke-point. It also satisfies many current concerns in the food industry, including sustainability, a high omega-9 profile, low saturated fat, and simply made. Relatively flavorless, algae oil can also be infused with various herbal, botanic, and savory flavors to elevate any dish. Although seemingly very unconventional, algae and seaweed are becoming very popular in the food world for their sustainability and availability, making them ingredients that are sure to pave the way for more environmentally and health-conscious products in the future.




                Infused oils are simple to make and add a level of natural flavor to everything from salad dressings to marinades and stir-fry’s. Herb-infused oils boasting bold herbaceous flavor like rosemary, basil, and garlic are continuing in popularity as consumers are looking for more natural ways to add flavor and health benefits to their recipes. Oils infused with more unconventional flavors like smoked meats, chilies, and citrus like lemon are also becoming popular ingredients for those looking to add depth and unique flavors to everyday dishes.


Coming from unexpected places and featuring unconventional infusions, artisan and sustainable oils are sweeping the industry this year. With a wide range or origins and flavor profiles, there is sure to be something that will satisfy every palate.