Nostalgic Treats and Childhood Classics

One of the most intriguing things about this generation of buyers is their love of nostalgia. One of the biggest ways in which this is true is in their love of the food and beverage items they might have had at snack time after school, or on a summer camping trip. Of course, it’s not enough to enjoy these treats the way that they were – while today’s buyers love nostalgia, they’re also big fans of novelty and gourmet food and beverage options. That means that putting a gourmet spin on a nostalgic favorite is a surefire way to create something truly exceptional.


Who didn’t love a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich growing up? These treats were always the perfect lunchtime treat or after-school snack. It wasn’t so long ago that flavorists sought to capture that nostalgia by making pre-made PB&J sandwiches, available in grocery store freezers. But of course, that was just the beginning. Peanut butter and jelly confectionary items can be found, and flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural 2, 3, 5 Trimethyl Pyrazine can easily create a peanut butter flavor in a confectionary treat, while Advanced Biotech’s Natural Methyl Anthranilate is perfect for the great grape flavor of your favorite jelly.


As for your favorite campfire treat, s’mores has also come back, in a big way. Numerous s’mores flavored confectionary products have been made available, and you can even find s’mores flavored alcoholic beverages, such as vodka and schnapps, for a really adult spin on this childhood favorite. Flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Choclatone can provide the chocolate bar flavor, while sugary notes, buttery notes, and toasted notes can make up the flavor of the marshmallow and the graham cracker. The possibilities really are endless, and new nostalgic flavors are being transformed into brand new incarnations by the day. The past has met the present, and for those who long for their favorite childhood treats there are plenty of options for enjoyment!