The Refreshing Taste and Fragrance of Apples

When it comes to fruit, there are few that have become as important to people as the humble apple. The apple is known around the world, it is available in over seven thousand varieties, and it is a delicious component in many of the world’s most popular desserts and beverages. It is for that latter fact that apple’s flavor and fragrance ingredients are so incredibly popular to the fragrance and flavor industries.


Just as there are many different cultivars of apple, there are also many different types of apple flavor and fragrance ingredients. Each of them has something different to offer, whether it is the fact that the product was derived from a natural source or the specific flavor of apple that it offers. Apples can be sweet, apples can be tart, or they can even carry notes of other fruit flavors. Some of the apple flavor and fragrance ingredients available from Advanced Biotech include Natural Ethyl Levulinate, Natural Isoamyl Isovalerate, and Natural 2 Methyl Butyl Acetate, which carry notes of pineapple, pear, and even rhubarb, and make for very distinct apple flavors to choose from.


Apple is ubiquitous throughout both the flavor and fragrance industries. Almost every branch of these two industries will use apple in one form or another. On the flavor side of things, apple is featured most prominently in many prepared foods. It is also a common component in many different kinds of candies, especially those of the gummy variety.


It is also popular in the creation of products such as jelly beans, especially those that include other flavor ingredients in attempts to replicate flavors such as apple pie or cobbler. Apple flavor is commonly combined with cinnamon flavor to create a delicious treat.  Apple has a prominent spot in the baked goods industry as well, as apple flavor can be used to enhance the flavor of many different fillings as well as apple treats such as pies and tarts.


Apple can also be found throughout the beverage industry. Apple flavor ingredients are commonly used to enhance the flavor of many different types of juices, including apple and apple juice blends, as well as other types of fruit juice blends that rely on the natural sweetness of apple for a great flavor boost. Apple flavor is also used to create flavored liquors such as vodka, and are often combined with sour flavor ingredients for the classic “sour apple” flavor.


In the fragrance industry, apple has a number of different uses. It is often used to add a fruity twist to perfumes, as it blends easily with many other fragrance ingredients. Apple is also a common component of cleaning products, such as apple scented dish soap. Many different scented candles and room fragrances also use apple, generally combined with other fragrance ingredients to create cinnamon-apple, apple pie, and other great apple scents.


Whether used as a flavor or used as a fragrance ingredient, there are a number of applications for apple, and there is still a lot of room for innovation with these great flavor and fragrance ingredients.