Soup-er Flavors and Comforting Stews

Add an oomph to soup or an extra layer of warmth to cozy stews this winter with natural ingredients you most likely already have in your fridge or pantry! Simple, flavorful ingredients can elevate even the simplest of recipes and create unique and creative dishes that will keep even the chilliest of nights at bay. Join us at Advanced Biotech as we explore our favorite ingredients to add a soup-er kick of flavor to any soup or stew.



                A tangy, acidic element in soups helps to cut through richness as well as bring out the natural umami of ingredients like beef and mushrooms. A few drops of fresh lemon juice work well to elevate classic chicken noodle soup, while lime adds a much-needed kick to tortilla soup. Yogurt is an unconventional ingredient that adds great flavor as well as a creamy texture. Plain yogurt and Greek yogurt add a tangy punch and richness to traditional tomato soup and cool down the heat of the heavily spiced curried cauliflower stew.



                Adding fresh elements like herbs and other botanicals wake up taste buds by enhancing the savory flavors of slow-cooked proteins and vegetables steeped in rich broth. More than just garnish, fresh herbs add great aromatics and flavors to soups as the essential oils are released when they come into contact with the hot broth. Herbs like basil, parsley, and rosemary are essential addition any broth or stock. An unexpected hack to making a soup taste like it’s been cooking all day is salsa! The freshness of the tomatoes, onions, and other diced vegetables and herbs add great flavor and a kick of spice to even canned soups.



                Difficult to pronounce but worth the struggle, Worcestershire sauce adds a distinctive flavor and umami to sauces and stocks. With fermented anchovies as a key ingredient, this unique condiment adds a salty, savory element to vegetable soups and beef barely soup. Along the same lines, fish sauce is a fermented condiment hailing from East Asia makes even the most mundane soup exciting. Perfect for everything from deglazing a pan to adding a rich depth to stews, wine is another fermented ingredient that is a must-try for soup enthusiasts.


Creating a comforting and interesting dinner is as easy as adding a splash of a sauce or a sprinkle of herbs. Try experimenting with your favorite natural flavors to elevate any soup or stew recipe into a memorable meal this winter.