Spun Into Innovation: Cotton Candy Trends

During complicated times, consumers yearn for memories of childhood bliss and an age of innocence. Positive emotions bubble up when we remember the sweet indulgences of youth. As we consume these delicious treats, moods lift, and our motivation and energy increase. Place cotton candy in front of your consumers, and it will be difficult not to see smiles emerge, even on the darkest of days.


This sweet and fluffy confection is trending in the dairy, bakery, and restaurant industries, and fresh flavors keep customers returning, delighted with each new choice.




Plant-based connoisseurs will be happy with the new dye-free, gluten-free concoctions that incorporate innovative flavors to appeal to grown-up kids. Cucumber and watermelon beet contain less sugar than a traditional sweet offering, and healthy ingredients such as beets, carrots, and turmeric are turning up in cotton candy, too. The health-conscious consumer will delight in an antioxidant-rich dessert of pomegranate with dark chocolate dip and olive oil powder.




Cotton candy martinis are appearing in bars. Pouring a drink through a layer of a fluffy,sweet confection that sits on top of liquid nitrogen creates a smoky, dry-ice experience. Cotton candy margaritas use traditional cotton candy to make a perfectly pink drink mixed with cream soda, lime juice, and orange liqueur. A cotton candy cocktail introduced in restaurants combines marshmallow vodka, sparkling water, and cotton candy for a refreshing and sweet indulgence.


Coffee Treats


Cafes are serving hot coffee with a stick of cotton candy hovering over the cup. The sugar melts and drips into the coffee to sweeten the java. Restaurants are also adding a new twist to the affogato, or espresso poured over ice cream, by topping the ice cream with cotton candy and serving a double shot of espresso on the side. Consumers are enjoying the combination of caffeine and a sugar buzz.


New Flavors


As cotton candy pops up in creative new ways, consumers enjoy its unique flavors. Grape, blue raspberry, strawberry are trending, and a rainbow flavor features hues of orange, lemon, lime, grape, and strawberry—a fantasy of taste sensations. Unicorn cotton candy, while challenging to pinpoint, tastes similar to a combination of watermelon and bubblegum.


There is no doubt that today’s consumers will enjoy falling back into childhood pleasures with these sophisticated twists on an old favorite.