Syrup Flavors for Snow Cones and Other Iced Desserts

When the summertime heat is at a high, there is nothing that is quite as refreshing as a delicious snow cone. The snow cones of the past may have come in just a few standard flavors, but these days the sheer volume of snow cone syrup flavors is something to be marveled at. In fact, some snow cone shops may sell hundreds of different flavors, all available with just a few pumps of syrup. This is similarly true of the numerous other types of iced desserts that are available, such as slushy drinks.


Of course, the best place to start with any of these products is with the basics. The most popular snow cone flavors are the same flavors that reign supreme in the confectionary industry overall. Cherry, strawberry, grape, berry, and citrus flavors such as orange and lemon-lime are great flavors that are as popular among the littlest buyers as they are among their adult counterparts.


It is possible formulate any of a number of other delicious dessert flavors for snow cone syrups as well, something that has become increasingly popular over the past several years alongside similar trends that have occurred with other frozen desserts such as ice cream. Chocolate and vanilla flavors are easily added to products with the use of flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Choclatone and Natural Vanillin. However, for more complex flavors, a wide variety of flavor ingredients may be needed. Yellow cake and birthday cake flavors, as well as flavors such as sugar cookie or chocolate chip cookie, are all the rage when it comes to snow cone syrups. High-end flavors are available as well, including those such as hazelnut or mocha.


In short, it is easy to see that there are a great many delicious options available to buyers, regardless of what it is that they are searching for. Because of their status as a novelty frozen dessert, there is even more room to experiment with flavors than in other areas of the market, whether it is for a snow cone stand or for individual snow cone syrups to be sold at retail.