The Most Popular Christmas Flavors in Flavor Design

Flavor designers have plenty of good reasons to celebrate the upcoming holidays! From traditional favorites to delicious novelty items, there are many different ways to get into the spirit when creating fun and delightful holiday concoctions for customers. From flavored sweet treats to delicious, savory food items, the range of dishes that mark the Christmas spirit is ever growing. Here’s a firsthand look at some of our favorite Christmas flavors, with a little dash of extra flavor inspiration to get everyone into the holiday spirit.


Perhaps one of the most important areas of flavor creation for the holiday season is in the world of delicious desserts. From frozen sweet treats to baked goods and confectionery items, everything sweet and sugary reigns supreme during the holiday season.


Minty flavor additions are particularly prominent, from candy cane flavored ice cream to peppermint sprinkled cupcakes and much more. Sweet treats with a spicy edge are also popular – think of treats such as gingerbread cakes to get into the Christmas spirit. Certain types of tasty treats such as cookies can be spiced up with various flavor additions to create holiday-themed desserts as well. Whether added directly to batter to make a treat such as a peppermint sugar cookie or into frosting, there are many ways to create holiday desserts to celebrate the season.


Many of these same flavor ingredients can also be found in holiday-flavored beverages. Peppermint notes can add a splash of something nice to eggnog while naughtier adult beverages such as flavored vodkas and liqueurs with everything from ginger to cherry cordial can be found in stores. Every year, it seems that there are expanded seasonal offerings. Some of our favorites include gingerbread cookie, whipped cream, and pumpkin pie flavored tasty drinks and drink mixes.


When it comes to savory foods, there are also a number of holiday-specific flavors that come to mind. Sweet sauces such as those used on hams are prominent throughout the cooler months, while the spices used in everything from stuffing to mashed potatoes and delicious breads tend to be warmer than those used in other parts of the year.


Overall, Christmas flavors are all about fun, tradition, and combating the oh-so-frightful weather outside. That leaves plenty of room for flavor designers to explore both new and old treats in the creation of delicious dishes for the holiday season.