The Range of Flavors Used in Cola Products

If you are not in the soft drink industry, then it is likely that you aren’t quite sure what goes into the formulas for cola beverages. This is, in fact, precisely what the cola industry is going for. While dozens of ingredients may go into the typical cola, they are in fact difficult to place. It is important for manufacturers to have access to the highest quality ingredients in creating these products, as each individual cola produced by each individual company has a distinct taste. Even the smallest deviations from the accepted cola formula can alter the taste of a product.


Back in the day, so to speak, colas were primarily flavored with the kola nut. While there are still some traditional manufacturers who use this product, which results in a much sharper cola than most consumers are used to, it has largely gone by the wayside in favor of other flavor ingredients that produce a smoother flavor. However, a nutty flavor is still a component of many cola beverages.


One component of the modern day cola is the use of vanillin. Vanilla flavors as produced by Natural Vanillin are not only flavorful, but produce the smoothness and warmth that many manufacturers are after in the creation of a delicious cola drink. When searching for vanilla flavor ingredients, companies must remember that there are a number of different types of vanillas available. A company that is in search of ingredients to create a natural cola product will likely want to search for a natural vanillin, while a richer vanillin will produce a more flavorful, richer cola.


Another common flavor ingredient used in colas is cinnamon. Cinnamon flavor ingredients provide a delicious sharp edge to cola beverages, and are perfect for sodas that have a little bit more bite. Another common ingredient that is used to provide sweetness as well as the tartness preferred by many consumers is citrus flavor. Generally, orange is used for this purpose, though other citrus flavors may be added into the mix as well, depending on what taste a cola company is going for with their product.


In recent years, flavored colas have become more popular than ever. Around the world, many different types of flavor ingredients can be found added to cola to create a unique twist on these classic products. The most common flavor component added to cola is likely cherry, which provides both tartness and a sweetness that is a perennial favorite. Vanilla is also commonly added to cola to provide an even richer, warmer flavor experience.


One new favorite to the common cola is lime. Lime provides just enough zest and tart flavor to a cola without altering the taste of it completely, making for a delicious twist. Now that soda machines that allow consumers to mix their own cola beverages have hit the market, the options that are available are even broader than before. Everything from raspberry cola to orange cola to combinations such as cherry and vanilla are available. While it is up to the cola company to determine just what they will choose to flavor their products, it cannot be said that there are not that many options.