The Unusual But Popular Scent of Burning Wood

The scent of burning wood is one of the most instantly recognizable fragrances. It has even been said that the natural scent of burning wood was the inspiration behind the creation of incense. However, the fragrance industry is only just discovering the ways in which they can use this fragrance to enhance a variety of different products. This comes as “unusual” scents rise in popularity and consumers increasingly seek innovation in their scented products, and especially with those products used within the home.


One of the more popular uses for the burning wood fragrance is in scented candles. It is rarely used alone, but is instead combined with other fragrances to create a scent experience that will leave buyers feeling as if they are locked away in a cabin beside a roaring fire, or gathered around a campfire roasting s’mores. Lightly sweet fragrances are generally used to tamper this somewhat pungent scent.


Because of this fragrance’s association with roaring fires, the scent of burning wood is becoming a popular addition in the rising trend of seasonal holiday fragrances. In addition to the aforementioned scented candles, the scent has found its way into products such as air fresheners and room deodorizers.


The rich scent of burning wood also provides a muskiness, such as Advanced Biotech’s Synthetic 2 Ethyl Pyrazine that can make for a great addition to a number of perfumes and colognes, something that has made this fragrance ingredient a popular addition in the world of scented bath and body products. As is the case with other scented products, the heavy and warm aroma of burning wood makes for a great note in products oriented toward the cooler months, and can add a lot of depth to a fragrance that is more romantic or even sensual in nature. Fragrance companies of all kinds may benefit from the addition of this surprising aroma in their products.