Uses for Natural Flavor in Jelllies and Marmalades

When it comes to products such as jams, jellies, and marmalades, the majority of buyers will attest to the fact that the more natural they are the better. Those purchasing these products, whether for sandwiches and snacking or for use at the breakfast table, do not want their favorite treats weighed down by too many flavor ingredients. However, flavor ingredients can be crucial in ensuring that the products have the right natural flavor, especially when they are being produced on a massive scale. This is where the use of Natural Flavor Ingredients and Extracts can come into play, such as those that are part of Advanced Biotech’s line of ingredients sourced from all natural components.


Of course, the most prominent and commonly used natural flavor ingredients in these products are those that help to enhance and recreate the favorite fruit flavors that make up the majority of jams, jellies, and similar types of products. Grape is an especially popular choice, and Natural Methyl Anthranilate is a simple way of boosting the sweet, grape flavor of a product. Strawberry flavors of jam or jelly, or even products such as preserves, can be enhanced through the use of Natural Strawberry Furanone, which is extracted by Advanced Biotech directly from the source. This imparts a flavor that is just like the real thing to a product.


While the more popular fruit flavors still represent the bulk of buying when it comes to these types of products, there are numerous other ingredients that can be used to enhance numerous other flavors of these products. Spicy “pepper” jellies represent a section of the market that is rising in popularity with its combination of sweet, spicy, and savory. Ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s 2 Methoxy 3 Iso Butyl Pyrazine can be used for the green bell pepper flavors that can be found in these types of products.


Regardless of what a flavorist is creating, it is important to remember the importance of using fresh and natural ingredients that are as accurate as possible. Natural flavor ingredients can boost the natural flavors of these products while making for a more efficient, cost-effective production process that takes nothing away from the quality of the product.