Using Apple to Create a Number of Different Flavors

How many different flavors can be created with one simple flavor? If that flavor is apple, there are likely many more than one would even expect. Apple is an incredible versatile flavor that comes in many different forms. Each different type of apple flavor ingredient available from Advanced Biotech offers its only unique qualities, and in many cases will contain notes of other fruity flavors or fragrances such as strawberry and pear. A few examples are Advanced Biotech’s Natural Ethyl 2 Methyl Butyrate and Natural Generanyl Isovalerate.


The most obvious use of apple as a flavor is in juice drinks and other fruity beverages. It can add an incredible amount of flavor to apple juice and cider as well as to fruit punch and other juice mixes. Apple can also be used to enhance the flavor of products such as beer and wine mixes. Apple flavor is a great place for a company looking to add diversity to its product line to begin, as it mixes well with a number of different types of flavors, such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Trans 2 Hexenal.


Apple flavor ingredients are also common in confectionery treats such as hard and gummy candies and as a component in creamy candy concoctions. Sour apple in particular has proven time and again to be a crowd-pleasing favorite, but is by no means the only type of apple flavor that is available. Apple is also commonly mixed with other flavor ingredients such as cinnamon (from Natural Cinnamic Aldehyde) to recreate delicious and tasty flavors from the world of baked goods.


Apple can also be used to add flavor to cosmetics such as lip balm, to create flavor for gum, or for a range of other uses. In fact, there are few applications in which apple cannot be used. It remains a common component for use in the creation of many sweet treats, making it a versatile flavor that is easy to find and use but that can make a big difference in flavor production.