Veggie Flavors in Baked Goods

People put a lot of focus on fruit flavors when it comes to the baked goods industry, but it seems like one of the next big trends might actually be great vegetable flavors in your favorite baked items. From delicious breads to muffins, pancakes, and much more, vegetables can provide a delicious and unique twist to your favorite baked items.


However, there is a lot for flavorists working on these types of food products to think about. One of the biggest challenges with creating these food products is that, similar as what happens with adding fruit flavors to baked items, the flavors are often lost during the baking process. It can be even harder to add a vegetable flavor to a product that’s going to be frozen or packaged for a consumer to make at home. The use of vegetable flavor ingredients can therefore be pretty important in creating these products and making them taste as great as possible.


Advanced Biotech’s Natural Isobutyraldehyde can be an important component in the creation of many different flavors, with buttery and cheesy notes in addition to the flavors of corn and tomato. It can easily be used to add depth to a vegetable-based baked good, whether it’s bread or anything else, including pancake mix.


Meanwhile, the use of Advanced Biotech’s Natural Green Complex can easily provide a slightly sweet cucumber flavor to a product. This one is especially prominent when it comes to baked goods, as cucumber and associated squash type flavors such as zucchini are pretty prevalent in the creation of these types of baked good products. There’s plenty of room for exploration, especially now as buyers seek out healthier and more flavorful natural food options.