Creating Healthy, Kid-Friendly Beverages

Kids don’t always know (or want) what’s best for them, but it’s a parent’s responsibility to ensure that their kids are getting the healthiest food and beverage options possible in order to grow up happy, healthy, and strong. That’s why it’s important to be able to create beverage options for kids that are as healthy as they are delicious – something that is no easy feat.


Increasingly popular are juice drinks with “hidden” veggies. While the juices of tomato, carrot, and other delicious and healthy vegetables are popular among adults, kids aren’t always as fond of them. Fortunately, it’s easy to cover up these flavors by combining them with fruit juices, as well as flavor ingredients to boost the fruit juice flavor such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Ethyl Levulinate for apple or Natural Citrus Enhancer for delicious citrus flavors of all types.


Also becoming more popular are flavored water beverages and even natural soda products that make use of the natural sweetness of fruit flavors rather than artificial sweeteners. The variety of flavored milk products being made available, from the classic chocolate to new favorites such as banana and strawberry, are also a treat for kids that can be very healthy so long as they are properly formulated for their nutritional needs.