flavored milk products

Flavored Milk Products Increasing in Popularity

Flavored milk products have always been popular, especially among younger children. However, just because flavored milk is meant for kids does not mean it cannot be enjoyed by adults, as well. This is something that the dairy and plant-based industries are realizing, and subsequently a range of flavored milk products outside of the standard flavors have been released in recent years. In addition to the standard milk, thickened flavored milk products have also been produced, creating milkshake-style flavored milk drinks that are as delicious as they are nutritious.


The most common flavored milk product is by far chocolate. This can be created with Advanced Biotech’s Natural Chocolatone, or with one of the many other types of chocolate flavors available from Advanced Biotech, including Natural Chocolate Supreme and Natural Cocoa Oleoresin. The most common type of flavored milk product utilizes the flavors of cocoa mixed with other flavor ingredients such as vanilla to produce a warm, rich chocolate beverage. However, richer and darker chocolate flavors can be used to produce dark chocolate milk or Dutch chocolate milk. Even white chocolate has made its way into the industry.


Strawberry is yet another of those classic flavors, and it can be found in a number of different types of milk products from a number of different manufacturers. It is important for a producer of flavored milk products to choose the right kind of strawberry flavor, as it must mix well with the natural creaminess of the milk itself. Another fruity favorite when it comes to flavored milk is banana. Banana flavored milk is available combining the tropical flavor of this fruit with that of rich, creamy milk.


While chocolate, strawberry, and banana make up the bulk of flavored milk products in the United States, other countries commonly flavor their milks with lime, coffee, and vanilla. It is likely that as the market expands many of these flavors will begin to make their way into the United States. There is a lot of room for this already-growing industry to get even bigger.