Flavored Vodka, Gin and More

Within the beverage industry, alcoholic drinks will always be a consumer favorite. Old standbys and contemporary trends make up an exciting world of delicious libations. Smart retailers pay attention to both. Many of today’s drinkers love exploring the latest trends in alcohol, and flavored liquors have been and will continue to be well-liked for their versatility and endless possibilities. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the best up-and-coming flavor trends in vodka, gin, and more.


In the past, coffee-flavored alcohol was mostly restricted to sweet liqueurs. Lately, however, there is more of a demand for sophisticated coffee cocktails, containing a variety of ingredients such as cold brew, red wine, blended whiskey, and grenadine for a truly unique taste that delights coffee lovers. Orange, which can be added with a flavor ingredient such as Advanced Biotech’s  Natural Orange Peel Extract is another flavor that goes very well with coffee, its tangy sweetness complements the bitter coffee beautifully. Of course, chocolate and coffee are perfect partners, so there are endless options for combining these two classic aromas in new cocktails.


Keeping things simple often works well in the flavor world, and fruit-flavored cocktails, available through the use of Advanced Biotech’s Natural Malto-Praline Extra EEC, are a fantastic way to do just that. Besides the already-popular flavored liquors such as orange, pineapple, and cranberry, innovative ideas are starting to form when it comes to this year’s trends. Banana is making more frequent appearances on the cocktail scene, often combined with complementing flavors such as coconut, blackberry, or chocolate. For a little more tartness, grapefruit has been a surprising addition to an increasing number of alcoholic concoctions. Combining clarified grapefruit juice, through the use of Advanced Biotech’s Natural Grapefruit Extract WONF, with vodka results in a super simple and delicious drink, or you can experiment with other tastes such as lime, cranberry, honey, or pomegranate to create unusual and delicious cocktails.


Advanced Biotech’s Natural Vanillin, makes another old favorite that’s getting new life lately — vanilla possible. Vanilla beans have been used by bartenders for a long time, as well as vanilla-flavored spirits. Now, vanilla liquors such as whiskey are delighting drinkers who love the nostalgic bouquet and its ability to pair with other flavors such as cinnamon, cloves, orange, fig, and pear. Finally, spices traditionally used in baking and cooking are making their way into many new cocktail creations, including ginger, cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, and pink peppercorn.


There’s no shortage of ways to come up with tasty and unique cocktails. Now’s an excellent time for flavorists to explore these great combinations.